Celine O'Neil

Friends , Canvas-Acrylic,

80x80, € 650

Red Woman, Canvas-Acrylic, 150x150, € 1225

Angel in freedom, Canvas-Acrylic, 100x100, € 1225

Mafioso, Canvas-Acrylic, 27x41, € 350

Chaplin, Canvas-Acrylic, 50x50, € 350

 Extraordinary poeple,  Canvas-Acrylic, 100x100, € 775

Extraordinary poeple, Canvas-Acrylic, 100x100, € 775

Frenchman, Canvas-Acrylic, 160x80, € 1225

The Sun, Canvas-Acrylic, 70x70, € 625

Six heads, Canvas-Acrylic, 80x60, 725

Special Lady, Canvas-Acrylic, 80x80, 690

Lakritze, Canvas-Acrylic, 30x80, € 420

Celine O Neil

As a child, Celine always dreamed up stories and created characters to go with them. She first painted them and later embodied them as an actress. But not only that.  She has also created theater productions from her painted comics. Celine grew up in an artist household and so “ANDERSSEIN” was also her constant companion. First she practiced the classic acting profession, later she became a producer and director. 

In the future, her painted figures should be transferred to large walls and wearable clothing for everyone.  Because her figures put you in a good mood, not only for the wearer of the clothes but also for those who look at them.